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    Old 07-27-2011, 09:03 AM
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    Default Want to join PCG, but...

    I'm on a starter account, so I'm well aware that I can't.

    However, I figure I might as well introduce myself.

    I've played WoW on and off (mostly off as of the last few years) since it's original release, although I primarily played on US realms.

    IIRC my highest level character was a 70-something Rogue, and I just started to lose interest after a while. I've also almost exclucively played Alliance unless it's been a piss around with some guildies and rolling all undead priests.

    So, I downloaded the starter edition last night, and rolled a Blood Elf Rogue.
    I have a headset and mic, my good old trust Turtle Beach X21's which were supposed to be my set for my PS3 but... cables across the room makes the old ball and chain cranky!

    My characters name on the realm is 'Misfyre' (Misfire was taken... shocking!), once I hit 20 I think I'll buy a copy and start playing if y'all will have me. (If it helps - I suscribe to the mag?) I'm currently at level 2, I was going to start playing now but the game has decided it needs to start downloading from the beginning again.

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