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    Old 07-22-2011, 02:20 PM
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    Cool 10 Man Raid Dungeon Gilded Prophecy

    Just found out there is a 10 man raid instance. I'm thinking of running this on Sunday's night as a trial. Probably start at 8pm UK, 7 game for 2 hours and maybe longer if we are making progress As no one has the get home from work.

    Ive not looked into this yet but will over the next few days or week to either try and run it this Sunday (23th ot next 31st).

    If we can do this successful I would like to introduce DKP if I can get someone to organise this.

    DKP is a system where you earn points for your efforts and go to buying gear that drops off the bosses or trash. This is a fair system that rewards effort.rather than luck. Its sort of a wage if you like, and stops lucky people winning everything and unlucky people from turning up week after week and loosing out.
    It also stops say a regular member just needs 1 item for a full set loosing out to someone who's just come on the raid for the first time.

    Ruby Quartz Shades. Well, what would you prefer? Yellow spandex? Oh and Logan Stay Away From My Girl.
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