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    Old 07-18-2011, 07:26 AM
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    Default The Events of the Last 24 Hours........

    I wasn't around yesterday when everything kicked off and we had 7-8 lvl 50 players leave over an arguement but this has out a massive dent in the progression of the guild and will take some time to recover from imho.
    Ari, Aran, Air, Aello & Sternon are now all in Shiny and i will be honest and say i really dont know what to do as the people i spend most of my time with in dungeons etc are no longer in the guild, but after speaking to Lolly she has told me yesterday that they will still be rifting and doing dungeons with us, which i really don't understand as they are no longer in PCG and surely they would rejoin after the 2 main antagonists have left/gone from the guild if they were going to be doing these things with us.
    As there are no posts regarding this from the guild leadership i think the people in the guild need some reassurance, so what are the plans and the way forward for the guild? Are we going to be fighting tooth and nail to get the players that went to Shiny back? because it's all well and good people saying PCG will recover and be as good as ever but my experience in these situations says otherwise and i am worried and fearful that PCG will get left way behind and will not be attractive for people to join for us to end up raiding etc.
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