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    Old 07-16-2010, 07:47 AM
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    Default Eve stories

    Post your eve stories- ones that make you love the game, ones that make you hate the game, ones that made you dribble a bit (no? just me?).

    Why i love the game? i just stumbled across a very heavily guarded POS in W-Space. Fella in a drake is doing lots of rounds, clearing the sleeper sites, pulling material off his planets etc. BUt he's doing it all in his drake. solo. on his own. no other ships.corps present.....

    So i'm going back in my ishkur tonight to pop him and take all his sleeper loot (cos i desperatley need the iskies).

    Why i hate the 'game'? Logged back in after a years hiatus (due to redundancy/house buying/wedding happening in one month... funds were needed elsewhere!) to find my 'bud' (someone i've played various games with for over 3 years) i used to run w-space operations has not logged in for over 6 months. But not before he'd cleared our 'corp' wallet out.

    I had 2.3 billion ISK. i now have 41 million ISK. Less than happy. Can not even afford to run my normal w-space operations now. Great :-)

    over to you!

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