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    Default Talon Clan: Personality over Skill

    Thanks for checking out the Thread everyone!

    Talon Clan: [url]www.talonclan.com[/url]: We are currently Recruiting members of all ages, we do not condone ANY forms of prejudice (Yes this includes age!).

    Were a non "Hardcore" clan, we have our own server for Battlefield Games, and we like to play tacitly, but we don't have practice sessions we play to have fun and if being semi-serious is part of that fun, so be it haha.

    [SIZE="6"]Clan Rules[/SIZE]:
    1. No cheats or hacks are allowed to be used by any clan member at any time.
    2. Do not insult other players in a server. If you feel the need to do so, simply leave instead.
    3. Do not accuse others of hacking if they are simply better than you.
    4. Do not disrespect any clan member during a game. (If you have an issues with a clan member bring it to the attention of a senior clan member).
    5. Obey all server rules, not just the clan's server rules.
    6. Remeber that it is just a game. Respect other players by no creating a negative atmosphere if things are not going your way.
    7.We do not condone any form of prejudice.

    Clan Wiki: [url]http://s14.zetaboards.com/Talon_Clan/topic/6665066/1/#new[/url]

    1. Joining the Clan[list][*]How does someone join the clan?
    To join the clan a member simply has to visit the clan's website at [url]www.talonclan.com[/url] and then hit "Join Us". From there they will be taken to an application form, which must then be submitted via email to the clan.[*]Who can join the clan?
    Anyone can join. We don't have any restrictions on age, location, gender, race etc.[*]What happens after someone applies to join the clan?
    The applicant will receive an email back with instructions on what they need to do to become a member. This mainly involves making sure that they have joined the forum and have XFire etc. installed and that they have joined the clan groups.[*]Are they then a full member of the clan?
    No. Anyone who joins the clan starts off as a Rookie. This is a rank that shows that the member is under a trial period with the clan.[*]Why the trial period?
    The trial period is when we evaluate the member to make sure they don't cheat, have a good attitude, are active enough etc. This is essential if we want the clan to have some kind of harmony and uphold a set of gaming values.[*]Are there only two outcomes of a trial period?
    No. The Council decides to vote Yes, No or Extend trial. A trial extension is offered when the Council feels that the Rookie has potential but for whatever reason, 6 months wasn't enough time to see enough of the Rookie and therefore make a decision.[*]How long is the trial period?
    6 months, at the end of which the clan Council votes on whether or not the member becomes a full member or not.[*]Is there any advice for anyone who wants to increase their chances of passing the trial period?
    As a clan we don't demand that players play so many hours a week, but what point is there in joining a clan if you don't game? So we expect to see people gaming on a fairly frequent basis. We also want to see them in the forum, using XFire and Teamspeak. If they're going to be away for any significant amount of time then we ask that they let us know by posting in the AFK Thread ([url=http://s14.zetaboards.com/Talon_Clan/topic/136126/22/#new]LINK[/url]). Obviously if someone is AFK for an extended period of time then they are putting their trial at risk. Beyond that a successful trial is based on the Council members observing that the Rookie has a good attitude, doesn't cheat etc. so if they're a decent person they should have no issues passing the trial.[*]Can someone apply again if the first trial period is a failure?
    Yes, but they must wait 1 month before re-applying.[*]Can someone be kicked out of the clan? If so, how?
    Yes. If they break any of the rules listed on the clan website ([url]www.talonclan.com[/url]) or if their attitude is disrupting the clan.[/list]
    Xfire: theimmortalmoo Steam: theimmortalmoo

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