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    Old 02-04-2011, 05:26 PM
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    Lightbulb Free Jumpclone Service

    As passed to me by Buddy Zoom.

    Sticky if this is helpful pls.

    Could cause high workload for our recruiters, but will allow people to install JC's in over 1000 stations they may not be able to at present, I'm not sure if that includes near our HQ but perhaps someone can find out.

    Cut n Pasted from the ingame info:

    FREE jumpclone service!

    Estel Arador Corp Services - Spreading the Love

    Apply to join and create as many jumpclones as you want, without any added costs. EACS operates on a universal scale, with 1092 jumpclone facilities in 27 regions.

    Please send all eve-mails to Alacta Lithia,
    Please do *not* evemail me telling me you've applied. Your application will be processed at the earliest possible opportunity.
    Convo requests will be rejected unless an evemail is sent first explaining the reason for the convo request.

    Before applying:
    > Train Infomorph Psychology; you will be able to create one jumpclone per level of this skill.
    > If you are in a player corp, drop your roles.

    The process
    > Apply to join by using the "apply button" in the corp info window. You do not have to send an evemail before or after applying, just apply.
    > Create a jumpclone at one of the 1092 stations listed in the forum thread.
    > Rinse and repeat if you want more jumpclones.
    > Leave EACS.

    The whole process from submitting the application to leaving the corp takes less than a day for most people. There is an NPC fee of 100k isk when creating a jumpclone, other than that this service is absolutely free.

    Detailed information is listed in the forum thread:

    Note that the ONLY person speaking for EACS is Alacta Lithia / Eslaheti Kreag. Anyone else claiming to speak for EACS - even when a member of the corp - is giving you false information.
    Also note that EACS provides its services to anyone, even pirates and other outlaws, so don't let that nice star next to their mugshot fool you ;-)

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