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    Default Drunkard suicide kings FAQ

    As discussed, at length lololol, from this week we’ll be moving our loot system in 25 man raids from Loot Council to Suicide Kings. Note: our scheduled 10 man raid leaders are going to be free to decide their own loot system. To help the transition, Squiffy’s put together an FAQ. It’s below.

    Updated by Ross 17/12/09: as of now, DSK will only be used for Icecrown Citadel 25-man raids

    Q: What is Drunken Suicide Kings?

    A: DSK is a loot distribution method used for raiding. It was designed to be a system that distributes loot in a fair manner, meaning it does not disadvantage casual raiders over the
    regulars. It’s a mod solution for running a Suicide Kings loot distribution.

    Q: Do I need to download a mod?

    A: Yes, in order to be able to see the loot distribution box, you need to download the mod [url=http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/drunkardsk.aspx]here[/url].

    Q: Will it be used on all raids?

    A: No. DSK will only be used in the end game 25 man raids. We think that letting the leader of the 10 man groups decide on the loot distribution type should cut down on admin, and help teams bond.

    Q: How does Suicide Kings distribute loot?

    A: We produce a list of raiders once using random rolls. That will then produce a list of raiders. If you’re at the top of the list, you’ll have dibs on the loot that’s appropriate for your class and spec. If you take an item, you’re immediately moved to the bottom of the list.

    Q: How do I get onto the list?

    A: When you join your first 25 man raid, you will start at the bottom of the master list. Do not feel you will not receive any loot, as you will be surprised at how fast you ascend the list.

    Q: Do I need to attend as many 25 man raids as possible in order to get loot?

    A: No. When you are not attending a raid, you will be “frozen” and your place will not be affected. For example if you finished the last raid at number 10, you will still be 10th the next time you raid.

    Q: How does it work?

    A: When any loot drops, the master looter will initiate the bidding. A box will appear that has four options. The options are as follow…

    BID: You bid for the item. Highest bidder is shown in the loot box. If you are the highest on the list of people bidding, you will win the item.

    Offspec: If you would like the item as offspec and do not want to use a suicide bid, press offspec. This will automatically roll for you. On the event nobody bids for an item, the highest offsepc roller will win but will not have his/her place on the list affected.

    Retract: If during the bidding process, you change your mind, you can retract your bid.

    Pass: Exactly what it says on the tin. You dont need to click this as if you dont want an item, just don’t click bid or offspec.

    Q: Can I roll on any item I wish?

    A: As long as the item is a viable option for your class, you may roll on it. For example a Boomkin Druid may roll for a cloth item, if it has the required stats. A priest however, wouldn’t be able to roll for plate items, or items with Attack power that are clearly designed for physical classes.

    Q: Can I bid on items for my offspec?

    A: You may SUICIDE-BID on offspec items if you wish. However, remember that if you “bid” on an offspec item, you will still go to the bottom of the list. So to be clear…

    BID: You bid for the offspec item. If you win it, you go to the bottom of the list.

    OFFSPEC: If you win the random roll, you receive the item and do not lose your place on the list

    Q: Can I roll Offspec so I can D/E the item for mats?

    A: No. Offspec rolls are ONLY for those will use the item for an offspec. In the situation that nobody requires the item, there will be a nominated disenchanter who will deposit the mats in the guild bank

    Q: What happens when I win the bid?

    A: When you bid for an item and win it, the master looter will place it in your bag. You will automatically go to the bottom of the list, hence the name “Suicide Kings”.

    Q: Does winning an offspec item effect my place on the list?

    A: No. Only bids effect your place. Offspec will have no effect at all.

    Q: Can I roll offspec for a BOE, that I can use on my alt?

    A: No. If the item is not suitable for your main and nobody else wants it, it will be placed in the guild bank to help new 80's gearing up.

    Q: Is there only one list?

    A: No. There are two lists (once you’ve installed the mod, you’ll see them both), one for non set items and one for tier set tokens. Each will be fully independant of one another. Your place on one list has no effect on the other.

    Q: Is there a way to view the list outside the game?

    A: Not yet. However the developer of the mod has stated that he is working on the next version, which will have a way to upload the list to a webiste. If demand is high, I can manually upload the master list to the blog once a week.

    Q: Can I see this list?

    A: Yes. At any point you can type /dsk to see the list.

    Q: Do I need to sync the list?

    A: Yes. When you join a raid, type /dsk and press the sync button. This will display the latest list. Please remember to do this at the start of any raid that is using this loot method.

    Q: Can I edit the list?

    A: No. Only officers can access the list.

    Q: Can the list be abused?

    A: The only way we can see of anyone abusing this list is to purposely pass in the hope that they get their desired loot from a future encounter. Anyone doing this will ultimately be shooting themselves in the foot, as they will not get as much loot as other raiders who use the list as intended.

    Q: I still don’t get it?

    A: Feel free to contact any of the officer team, as they will be happy to talk you through it (Also, you am stoopid lol – Teem).


    1: Make sure you keep the mod enabled
    2: At the start of each raid, type /dsk and press the sync button
    3: Only bid on items you can use
    4: Please act responsibly (eg. Don’t spam the buttons out of boredom)
    5: Have fun!
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