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    Default Raiding Icecrown Citadel with PCG

    (copied from Ross's original post and updated)

    This is a summary of the regularly scheduled Icecrown Citadel raids within PCG, and how we organise them.

    Raids expose you to some of the most difficult content in the game. You need to be prepared, focused and at your computer for their duration!

    All times are UK time. We use the calendar in-game to handle signups and invites; if you want to come and are confident you can make it, sign up. If you later find you can’t make it, unsign. Raid Leaders will try to post finish times in the raid description so you can plan your playing time. Invites typically go out 15 minutes before the stated raid time.

    For more detailed information about what you need to do to make sure you’re ready to raid, read Akee’s post here. If you’re concerned about your gear or readiness to take on ICC, talk to an officer or another experienced player of your class. We also run various other raids and members are always happy to help guildies gear up by running heroics.

    Ten-Player Icecrown Citadel

    We are currently trying to help as many people into ICC with the guild as possible. Some 10-player raids are very regular; others less so. Some of the more progressed teams have very regular members and are attempting extremely difficult fights: please bear this in mind when deciding which raid to sign with. Below are details of their usual raid times, leaders and structure/goals.

    Team Win
    • Wednesday, 7.30pm
    • Raid Leader: Akee/Jecaa
    • Progress-focused raid for more hardcore raiders, Lich King Defeated, starting heroic modes

    Team Awesome
    • Thursday, 7.45pm
    • Raid Leader: Apheas/Boglin/Ykyik
    • Progress-focused raid for more hardcore raiders, 11/12 normal mode at the time of writing.

    Team Epic
    • Thursday, 8pm
    • Raid Leader: Darieth
    • Progress-focused raid for more hardcore raiders, Lich King defeated, 9/12 on heroic

    Saturday 10-Player Raid Team (name varies on calendar!)
    • Saturday, 8pm
    • Raid Leader: Varies, see calendar
    • More casual raid.

    Afternoon ICC
    • Tuesday 4pm
    • Raid Leader: Chewwie/various
    • More casual raid, runs when personal schedules allow

    Late-night raiding
    • See calendar
    • Raid Leader: Denika
    • More casual raid, runs when personal schedules allow, for insomniacs

    Raid Leaders

    Each raid has a designated Raid Leader. What the RL says, goes. This ranges from deciding who attends, to what loot system will be used, to when the raid ends. The RL will always be someone who is knowledgeable, fair, and intends to run the raid in the best interests of the guild.

    The main initial goal for a Raid Leader is picking a team that can actually succeed in ICC. This means two tanks, three healers and five DPS (a mix of ranged and melee). These numbers are non-negotiable! If we have too many DPS, someone will have to miss out.

    In addition to using the calendar for sign-ups, from now on Raid Leaders will also mention in guild chat that they are starting to put the raid together, in case some players didn’t sign up in time or signed Tentatively.

    The Raid Leader also has to consider whether people are sufficiently geared to pull their weight in ICC. What this means in practice varies from class to class and can also be outweighed by having very well geared other players in the raid. Be prepared to take the Raid Leader’s decision on the chin if he says that he can’t afford to carry you in the raid because your gear is insufficient. It’s not an insult, just a fact. Please note that Raid Leaders will take a dim view of any gear which is not carrying the best possible gems/enchants.

    Mains have priority over alts, provided that a balanced, viable group can still be constructed. Many of us have raiding alts which prove useful for filling in that extra healer or tank when required, but whenever possible we will give as many people as possible the chance to see ICC.

    Note that, on occasion, Raid Leaders may be unable to attend on the scheduled night. In this case they’ll always delegate the raid leading to a reliable lieutenant.

    Occasionally, an extra 10-player ICC raid might be set up on the calendar. The Raid Leader will always try to organise that raid fairly and openly but given that it will be organised more or less on the fly, please be patient and allow for some faffing around!

    25-Player Icecrown Citadel

    Please see this thread for a detailed description of how we organise 25-player ICC raids.

    You can find out more of what’s expected of 25-player attendees in this thread. If you achieve the targets listed there, you will also be in good shape for 10-player ICC.

    So What Should I Sign Up For?

    If you’re prepared for it, you can sign up to any of these teams. You can sign up for more than one, provided you know you’ll be online for it. However, bear in mind that Epic, Win and Awesome are into quite consistent routines. Changing too many players in these teams is likely to set back progress, so if you’re new to those teams, be aware the Raid Leader may prefer to stick to regular members in order to maximise chances of progress.

    If you can’t get a spot in any of these raids, and you’re desperate to raid ICC, and you’re sure you’re geared for it, please post on the forums and we’ll try to accommodate demand!
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    Also reposting our current 25-man raiding system.

    Starting this coming weekend, 1/2 May 2010, we will be making a change to our Icecrown Citadel 25-man raiding schedule. Please read this post thoroughly and carefully, plus the FAQ that follows, and post your comments and questions below.

    Sunday night – Team Donkey, night 1

    Monday night – Team Donkey, night 2

    Tuesday night – Team Uber

    The exact timings and duration may vary week to week, but the day will not. Start and finish times will always be posted in the in-game calendar, which is the only place to sign up for all PCG raids.

    PCG’s 25-Player Raiding Goals

    1) To defeat the Lich King before Cataclysm is released
    2) To enable as many guild members to experience end-game raiding as reasonably possible
    3) To have fun while doing 1 and 2

    Defeating the Lich King on 25-player mode is a personal goal for many members of PCG. It is a colossal challenge for a guild which is formed from normal gamers, which does not recruit ‘elite’ raiders to its ranks. If we manage this, it will be a great badge of prestige for every member of the guild, not just those who were there.

    Enabling as many members of our guild to experience end-game raiding as reasonably possible is a goal driven by the guild’s foundation: to be inclusive and to help others enjoy the game. This is the main goal behind the formation of Team Uber, as well as the many other raids we organise. Given that, there are still requirements every player must meet in order to take part in the toughest current WoW content – gear, preparation and commitment are all necessary for any ICC group to succeed.

    Fun. Everyone has their own idea of what constitutes fun in World of Warcraft. For many, the greatest satisfaction comes from defeating the game’s toughest content. This desire is no more laudable than any other – whether you love levelling alts, dominating in PVP, chatting, RPing, you are respected in this guild. However, the difference with end-game raiding is that you need to be able to rely on 24 other people in order to succeed. And they are relying on you. It is exactly this inter-dependence that makes raiding so exciting and rewarding for many people.
    We are now offering two different ways to experience end-game raiding: for those who are capable and willing, Team Donkey will make great demands but will (hopefully) deliver the greatest reward. For those with perhaps less time, less inclination to wipe for hours on end, or who simply prefer to try to gear up and maybe break into Team Donkey later, we have Team Uber.

    Team Donkey basics

    Team Donkey’s in-game goal is to kill the Lich King before Cataclysm comes out. To that end, the Raid Leader (Darieth or Akee) will be at liberty to choose the players attending the raid according to experience, gear, ability and raid composition. Harsh as it sounds, this raid’s ethos is to prioritise raid progression at the expense of including less experienced players. That’s why Team Uber is being created.

    Team Uber basics

    Team Uber exists to give as many guild members as possible the chance to experience the game’s toughest content, gear up, have fun downing ICC-25 bosses, and give themselves a chance of joining Team Donkey raids. The Raid Leader (who will often be Akee, but other officers will rotate the responsibility) will still need to choose players who are experienced and well-equipped, but requirements will be less strict than for Team Donkey.
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    PCG Guild 25-player ICC FAQ: May 2010

    1. Why does Team Donkey run over two nights?
    We have a lot of work to do in order to kill the Lich King. In order to get deep into ICC in each lockout period, we need to spend more time there.

    2. Can I just sign up for one night of Team Donkey? Will I be penalised for doing so?
    Yes you can, and no you won’t!

    3. Will I be letting my guild mates down if I can’t make it one week/one night?
    NO. You should never feel under any pressure to raid in PCG. Real life is more important than raiding. Whatever else you have going on in your life, consider your responsibilities carefully. Please try whenever possible to sign up if you are coming, and un-sign if you aren’t.

    4. How do I get into Team Donkey?
    Sign up just like for any other Raid. If you’re good enough, and there is space for your class/role, the Raid Leader will pick you.

    5. How do I know if I’m good enough?
    This post by Cataclysmic is a good starting point. Please note that Raid Leaders will be more stringent in their requirements for Team Donkey, and less stringent for Team Uber. If you don’t have much experience of raiding, we run Trial of the Crusader, Ulduar and ICC-10 raids often enough that you can gain experience if you put in the time.

    6. Can I switch between Team Uber and Team Donkey, and vice versa?
    Yes. If you’ve been raiding with Team Donkey for a while and decide you want a break one week, you are welcome to sign for Team Uber – that team will still need a core of experienced, well-geared players to ensure success. If you have proved your worth over several weeks in Team Uber, you are welcome to sign for Team Donkey, but please do not be disheartened if you don’t get in at first. The raid leaders are likely to switch things around only if it represents a better chance at progress.

    7. Can I raid with my main in Team Donkey and with an alt in Team Uber?
    Yes, but priority for Team Uber spots will go to players’ main characters (provided the raid composition is otherwise acceptable). We will require everyone to be honest about their characters; anyone being dishonest can expect a suspension of raiding invites.

    8. How will loot be distributed in these two raids?
    We will continue to use DSK in all our 25-player ICC raids for the time being. The same list will be used; it will be synched after each raid. We are looking at alternative systems and when we find one we think is an improvement on DSK, we will test it out and let everyone know well in advance.

    9. Can I sign up for Team Uber after failing to get into Team Donkey?
    Absolutely. That’s why Team Uber is scheduled after Team Donkey.

    10. I didn’t get into Team Donkey, and now I’m pissed off. Who do I blame?
    Firstly, being a member of PCG does not give you the right to raid. No one except the raid leader is guaranteed a spot. For Team Donkey, the leaders have been given the mandate to only select the players who represent the best chance of success. For example, if you are not among the 8 most effective melee dps characters available to the raid leader on a given night, the best 8 ranged, the best 3 tanks or the best 6 healers, you should not expect to be picked, even if you missed out last week for the same reason.
    Given all that, the possibility for you to make a Team Donkey spot your own is in your own hands. Sign for the 10-man teams, and Team Uber, and get to know the fights. Understand your class and spec fully. Experiment with different rotations and abilities. Try new mods. Ask other players. Team Donkey helps players who help themselves!

    11. So what does my Gearscore need to be?
    We don’t use Gearscore to judge whether people are any good at playing World of Warcraft.

    12. But if you don’t look at my ePeen, how will you know if I’m good enough for Team Donkey?
    The raid leaders do a lot of homework on the raid-capable characters in the guild. If you run in Team Uber, any of the 10-man teams, late-night raids or ToC-25, the raid leaders will learn whether you’re capable of contributing to Team Donkey. (It also helps us check out your Armory profile if you always log out in your main spec gear!)

    13. If we’re setting up two 25-player raids, why not give them an equal chance of progress instead of ‘nerfing’ one in this way?
    Because we don’t have six awesome tanks, 12 awesome healers, and 32 awesome dps guaranteed to be available on two given nights. The likelihood is that, in this situation, both groups would make even slower progress than we are currently. The chosen system should result in victory well before Cataclysm, at which point we can give others the chance to kill him too. The experience gained in Team Donkey will rub off on Team Uber; you may be surprised at how much fluidity there will end up being between these two raids.

    14. Why not give Team Uber a second raid night?
    If there is demand for it, and it wouldn’t put too much pressure on those playing in it, a second night might be considered for Team Uber. However, given that everyone capable of leading 25-player ICC raids will also want to attend Team Donkey, this is far from guaranteed.

    15. So is Team Donkey all “srs bsns” and Team Uber a complete lolfest, or what?
    Team Donkey will have very little tolerance for mucking about, ninja-pulling, TeamSpeak abuse and standing in fire. You can expect to be shouted at if you mess up, and you need to be able to take it on the chin, not bitch, get your head down and improve. If your behaviour is hindering our progress, you may be politely asked to leave.
    Team Uber should be more relaxed, and a fun place to play with your guild mates. Be aware, though, that this is still very hard content, and if you cause a wipe by tomfoolery, you will piss people off. Have fun, but be considerate of the other 24 people who are also trying to have fun.

    16. If I sign for Team Donkey (on my main), don’t get in, then sign for Team Uber (on my main), do I get priority over those who only signed for Team Uber (on their mains)?
    No. There is no priority-relation between Team Donkey and Team Uber. However, if you miss out on a spot in Team Uber, having signed, due to over-subscription (of mains), and are capable of pulling your weight, you will get priority in the following week’s Team Uber.

    17. What’s going to happen to the Weekly Raid Quest Raid?
    We’ll still organise them, but not at the times we’ve been using recently. They’ll be on the calendar and the times may vary to give people as many options as possible.

    18. If I don’t get into Team Donkey several weeks in a row, do I get priority?
    Generally speaking, no. See above – the Raid Leader has complete freedom to choose whoever he wants. This may seem like elitism, but choosing the most effective players is how we’ll defeat the Lich King. If we guarantee spots based on previously missing out, we will only be hindering the guild’s progress.

    19. So what happens when we kill the Lich King on 25-person?
    We hope to gradually rotate other players into Team Donkey on subsequent Lich King attempts in order to spread the success around. No guarantees right now though.

    20. Will we be extending lockouts in either Team Donkey or Team Uber?
    This will be more likely as we progress further with both groups. It will always be at the Raid Leader’s discretion.

    21. Will there be lower requirements for the first night of a new lockout in Team Donkey?
    No. Moving through the Lower Spire/Plagueworks etc quickly is just as important as having a good shot at a progress boss.

    22. What happens if Team Uber doesn’t have enough players (or good enough players) to make a stab at ICC-25?
    We will do our best to recruit a viable raid through alts and irregular players, but we may have to look for alternatives in this scenario: 10-man attempts, ToC, Onyxia, other achievement runs. We’ll find something fun to do!

    23. What about the current 10-player ICC teams?
    We are shifting the guild’s focus slightly towards 25-player raiding. However, Teams Win, Awesome and Epic will be continuing with at least one raid night per week. At their leaders’ discretion, they may run two nights. Other occasional 10-player ICC raids may also take place: check your calendar.

    24. I feel I am being picked on by being left out consistently. What can I do?
    Tim and the rest of the officers have complete faith in the judgment and fairness of the raid leaders. However, if you feel you’re being treated unfairly you can contact Tim (Teem) or Ross (Rossferatu) in-game or via the forum and we’ll deal with the matter fairly and impartially.
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