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    Default Survival Hack v3.4 [by sd333221] BE 1.186 [FREE] [Bypassed]

    If you can't handle a ban leave now.

    [Features][list][*]Anti-Detection similar to DayZ-Map[*]External hack[*]A few pre-made spawn options[*]Spawn AS50 & Ammo[*]Spawn AS50 Thermal & Ammo[*]Spawn M9SD & ammo[*]Spawn M4A1 SD Camo & ammo[*]Spawn Mk 48 & Ammo[*]Spawn G36C SD Camo & Ammo[*]Spawn Food & Mtn. Dew[*]Spawn Medical Supplies[*]Spawn All Gear (Map, Watch, et. al.)[*]Spawn Lee Enfield & Ammo[*]Spawn Colt1911 & Ammo[*]Spawn Satchel Charges[*]Spawn local backpack near to you[*]Spawn local Bike[*]Spawn local Chopper[*]Custom local Spawn[*]Custom Weapon Spawn[*]Custom Magazine Spawn[*]Teleport to marker[*]Repair & refuel vehicle[*]Player ESP (ingame and ingame map)[*]Vehicle ESP (for the ingame map)[*]Replenish blood, food and temperature[*]Increase humanity[*]No zombie aggro[*]Give money (takistani, cherno life)[*]No recoil[*]Extend view distance[*]Change daylight (to night or day)[*]Disable grass (increases performance)[*]Flip neares vehicle (useful for ATV's)[*]God mode (might not work on all types of damage)[*]3rd-person mode (even if it is not enabled)[/list][Instructions][list][*]Tested with Arma Beta 99515+ but should work on other versions too[*]Extract somewhere[*]Launch firefox as administrator[*]Launch 'plugin-container.exe'[*]A console window should appear (the hack will be injected into firefox.exe)[*]Launch DayZ (if you inject after start: stay in the menu, don't connect to a server yet)[*]If the console says 'failed to attach' you need to disable uac and run firefox as admin

    Note: To use with chrome you can launch 'plugin-container.exe' with the command line argument 'chrome.exe'[/list][License]
    You find the license in the "License.txt" file. By running "Dayz Survival Hack" you agree to the license. I will not replace any CD-Keys in case you get banned.

    [Known bugs / Todo][list][*]Vehicle ESP doesn't recognize if vehicles move, redrawing will create copies of the same vehicles[*]The Player ESP doesn't add recently logged-in players to the HUD. If new players join the game server, you have to re-execute the Player ESP script[*]Teleport doesn't work in vehicles[*]Any other system than Windows 7 (doesn't matter if 64 or 32 bit) is currently not officially supported! (It might work but it probably won't)[/list][Shoutouts / Credits in alphabetical order][list][*]bastian suter[*]darky.hax[*]m101jay[*]monky - Writing the ESP[*]peeky - Checking logs[*]tim0n[/list][SIZE=6]NEVER INJECT WHILE IN LOBBY AND/OR BE IS LOADED


    -If the console flashes but no window despite the dx-dialog comes up, try to manually inject into an x86 process on your system. Do that by running "plugin-container.exe target.exe" where target is the process to inject to. You can use for example firefox or chrome as a target.

    [Changelog][list=1][*]v1.0 - Initial release[*]v1.1 - Fixed the safemode.bat to work on systems where uac is off. Updated the source.[*]v1.2 - Made the source compile without problems now. Refined the menu based on Griffin02 and lockdown64's code. Added createVehicleLocal function.[*]v2.0 - Undetected again. Fixed an issue with the loader that caused the anti-pattern scan not to be intact. Increased entropy of module relocator.[*]v2.1 - Fixed for Arma beta 97239 and newer.[*]v2.2 - The main-thread is called via a gate to make it impossible to get the eip of the main module[*]v2.3 - Fixed for Arma beta 97361 or newer. The MK8 no longer replaces your backpack[*]v2.4 - Undetected again. Uses a concept by m101jay to bypass API-hooks and module-breakpoints[*]v2.5 - Undetected again. Uses the PEB_LDR_DATA structure to bypass code-executions in the freezed arma-process[*]v2.6 - Added a DummyApp.exe & DummyDll.dll which lets you test if your system is supported by the bypass[*]v2.7 - Undetected again. Local vehicle spawns no longer call the BE script callback. When the game is frozen the complete BE-Module will be overwritten with 0xFF-Instructions, thus the game should crash if the anti-detection fails. Removed the radio in "all gear" and added the rangefinder. Removed the DummyApp, it was not the problem[*]v3.0 - Undetected again. Added Player ESP/Vehicle ESP/Increase humanity/Refill blood[*]v3.1 - Removed teleport 50m feature, teleport to marker now only teleports once to reduce the chance for a race codition (aka battlehack #2 kick). Teleport to marker won't teleport you into the ocean anymore if the marker is not set. Added feature to repair vehicles. Added a protection against a detection-method that is not currently implemented by BE[*]v3.2 - Executed scripts will now be concealed after execution[*]v3.3 - Fixed some compability issues for Windows XP. Fixed a possible exploit that would allow detection. Changed the ESP to work on almost all servers. Added new features: No zombie aggro, Give money (takistani, cherno life), No recoil, Extend view distance, Change daylight (to night or day), Disable grass (increases performance), Flip neares vehicle (useful for ATV's), God mode (might not work on all types of damage)[*]v3.4 - Added a fix to bypass the new detection routine. Added auto-updating ESP (experimental for now). Fixed a bug where players in vehicles weren't shown on the ESP. Added an option to use 3rd-person mode even if it is not enabled.[/list][Security aspects (thanks to peeky)][list=1][*]Anti-Hacking scripts can and will detect teleporting and spawning illegal items (e.g. AS50 TWS for Chernaus) and get you banned on those servers[*]Anti-Hacking scripts might block the esp for now[*]Crashing locally created choppers shows up in the logs and will most likely get you a server ban too[/list][Download]

    [Virus Scan]
    [url]https://www.virustotal.com/file/1f27b6ec52dbf9a8352feb4eb0081efec436b880828ed46ceb 5149eac30dc6a7/analysis/1358312329/[/url]

    Q. How do I spawn spawn weapons that aren't in the pre-made selections?
    A. Hit the corresponding number for the "Custom Weapon Spawn" selection. Google "DayZ Classnames" I am sure you can find them.

    Q. How do I spawn ammo for weapons?
    A. Use the above information for Ammo Classnames.

    Q. How do I spawn backpacks?
    A. Enter the corresponding number for the "Custom Local Spawn" selection. Then use the information mentioned above to find the backpack classnames. The backpack will spawn in your general location. Give it a second before you pick it up. *If you want other people to see your backpack or you want them to have the ability to pick it up once you drop it, simply change into a clothing and then change back. Or you can just enter a vehicle and exit a vehicle.

    Q. How do I spawn a Ghilee Suit/Camo Clothing/Survivor Clothing?
    A. Enter the corresponding number for the "Custom Magazine Spawn" selection and use the above information for Classnames..

    Q. How do I spawn tents, vehicle parts, etc. (anything that goes in your main inventory. not equipment).
    A. Enter the corresponding number for the "Custom Magazine Spawn" selection and use the above information for Classnames..

    Q. How do I teleport?
    A. Bring up your map. Shift+Click on a location you want to teleport to. Hit the corresponding number for the "Teleport to Marker" selection.

    Q. How do I spawn vehicles?
    A. Enter the corresponding number for the "Custom Local Spawn" and use the above information for Classnames to find the vehicle classnames. *Note that you can only spawn vehicles locally.

    Q. Why am I the only one able to see the locally spawned vehicles?
    A. That's the point...

    Q. Can I make it to where other people can see, hear, drive the vehicle that I spawn?
    A. No.

    Q. Can I somehow inject my own scripts into this?
    A. No.

    *All credit goes to sd333221 and his friends for making this. I take no credit whatsoever. Just sharing the information. Use at your own risk. sd333221 nor I are responsible if you get banned (server specific or globally). Use at YOUR OWN Risk.*
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