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    Old 07-21-2012, 11:06 PM
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    Default Qalétaqa - new member post

    Hi everyone and thansk for having me.

    I've been playing WoW since just before the launch of WotLK, but have just moved to Steamwheedle Cartel.
    I have 4 85's, but Qalétaqa was the first character i ever created and is still my main (I also have a Warrior, Priest and DK, plus a Rogue making his way through Northrend). He's always been main specced tank, with an off spec that is currently DPS but I have also played Holy and would be willing to switch back for Mists.
    I work in retail, so i have different shifts every week which makes it pretty impossible to join a consistent raid team. I'm hoping you'll have a casual raid team for alts and such that i can join up with when there's room. The advent of raid finder has let me clear Dragon Soul on that difficulty with a couple of characters which is a great way to see the content but a little more challenge would be nice.

    Qalétaqa is a proud Sunwalker of the Dawnspeaker clan. He was proudly at the forefront of the Horde Expedition in Northrend and joined the Argent Crusade against the Scourge. After the Cataclysm rent the world he joined the battle against the Twilight's Hammer and the final defeat of Deathwing. However, he is conflicted by the leadership of Warchief Hellscream. While he still feels that a united Horde is the best protection for his people, and a powerful weapon against evil, the savagery of Garrosh and his hatred of the Alliance are not traits he shares. He mourns the death of Cairne and is concerned that Baine is too young to temper Garrosh's extremes as his father could have done.
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    Old 07-22-2012, 03:26 PM
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    Welcome to the guild.
    Feel free to sign up to any of the posted raids. We try and include as many people as possible, as it's always nice to have people available when we are short. Team Win have not raided for a while now due to a lot of people going away from the game/hols/rl/etc. Team Awesome raid regularly 3 nights a week - Thurs, Sun and Tue. Thursday is normally our main heroic DS night, though we have been making progress on other bosses recently and it tends to mean the Sunday or Tuesday raid is used for progression if we have the right people online. We also run alts on these nights when we can. So feel free to sign up and we will see how things pan out. Don't worry about not being able to make some raids as that affects most raiders in the guild
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    Welsh, and proud of it. Cymru am byth.
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