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    Old 01-19-2012, 03:49 PM
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    Default Karagga's Palace Tactics!

    To help our other raiding teams with the new bosses in Karagga's Palace, I will write down the guides for the bosses we have currently killed. Expect this to be updated with pictures and more accurate damage / health numbers, as well as ability names. If you notice any errors or inconsistensies, feel free to leave a comment! Constructive critisism is always appriciated.


    Recommended setup: 2 Healers, 6 DPS.

    Bonechewer is the first boss in the instance, and a fairly easy one. After clearing all the trash and going into the palace, you are met with an interactable door. Make sure your raid is healed and buffed up. On a specified mark, everyone should press the door at the same time, and not skip the cutscene.

    Once at the bottom, you'll spawn in front of 4 elite mobs. These will not aggro you, so you should have time to ress anyone who died during the cutscene (falling bug). Once the 4 mobs are killed, which is easy, you'll be staring down the rancor that is in fact Bonechewer, the first boss.

    Bonechewer has no threat, and as such, a tank is not necessary. He will go after a random raid member, and chase him. The targeted raid member should kite the boss around the outer circle, avoiding the cleave the boss does from time to time, as well as not getting knocked back into the acid pools, which are located at the edges of the room. The rest of the group should ideally be behind him (melee) or in the middle (ranged).In addition to cleaving, he'll also at times punch the targeted raid member into the ground, doing ~6-8k damage and stunning them for a few seconds. If you're targeted by this, run through his legs as soon as the stun wears of, to prevent further damage from his cleave.

    Bonechewer also has one more aoe attack, which he'll do occasionally throughout the fight. He will jump into the air and hit everyone on the platform for ~3-4k damage, knocking them back and interrupting casts. This is the main reason why you don't want to be too close to the edge.

    During the fight, roughly 3-4 times, a Gamorrean (Pigman) will be thrown down into the pit, and have a red beacon above his head. He needs to be killed quickly (~15k HP), because if Bonechewer eats him, he will get a 30% damage boost for 20 seconds, which you want to avoid.

    At 50%, there will also be 2 elite adds spawning from the sides. They hit fairly weakly, and should be dealt with quickly before resuming DPS on the boss.

    Bonechewer does have an enrage timer (~6-8 minutes) and as such, some decent DPS is needed. It is however fairly lenient, and entirely doable with 1-2 DPS dead during the first 20% of the fight.

    DIFFERENCE ON HARD MODE: Very tight enrage timer. Nobody can die before 20-30%. Crowdcontrol the adds at 50%, or you’ll waste DPS killing them.

    Jarg and Sorno

    Recommended setup: 2 Tank, 2 Healers, 4 DPS. Doable with 1 T / 2 H / 5 DPS

    The second boss, or rather, bosses, are a pair of bounty hunters. Jarg and Sorno. They can be tanked by 1 tank, but 2 tanks makes the fight easier. They need to die together, or else the remaining boss will enrage. The bosses have a few abilities, but are generally an easy boss fight

    Jarg will at times charge to a random raid member, but the damage is low and should be taunted back quickly.

    At certain times during the fight, Jarg will stun his tank, with the help of a droid, and reset threat, while the other flies into the air. The tank which is not stunned should pick up the boss on the ground, while the DPS focus down the droid keeping the other tank stunned. While the droidkilling ensues, Sorno will be in the air, shooting down missiles. These will be marked by a purple crosshair on the ground, and should naturally be moved away from. Jarg will also be doing a whirlwind of flames in melee range, which should be avoided.

    That is the entire fight. Repeat until the bosses die.

    DIFFERENCE ON HARD MODE: You will NEED 2 tanks. Split group in 2. Tank + Healer + 2 DPS on each. The right one (Sorno) will be casting heals, and needs to be interrupted. The DPS on him have to help out, or he’ll get heals through.

    Foreman Crusher

    Recommended setup: 1 Tank, 2 Healers, 5 DPS.

    When you get to this boss, he will be blocked off from you by a force field. To disable it, you need to active all 3 cannons in the area. Once this is done, you can engage the boss. But be aware, the force field closes once you engage the boss, so everyone has to move inside the "room" before you pull him.

    At the start, there will be 4 strong adds, which DPS can quickly deal with. The boss has 2 main abilities which should you should keep an eye out for. Rock Throw & Frenzy. Rock Throw is exactly what is sounds like. The boss will throw rocks at random raid members. These will be marked by red crosshairs on the ground. Moving away from these is recommended.

    Frenzy is something the healers and tanks have to be mindful of. At times during the fight, the boss will go into a frenzy, become untauntable, and start hitting the tank for quite a lot of damage. To keep up, tank should be ready to pop Cooldowns, or healers should be on the ball and heal quickly. It only lasts for ~10 seconds, and after that, the fight goes back to the rockthrowing tank and spank it is.

    During the fight, 4 adds will, periodically, come out of the gate, and should quickly be dealt with by the DPS. Rinse and repeat until boss dies.

    DIFFERENCE ON HARD MODE: None. All the boss’ abilties do more damage. Rocks should be avoided. Frenzy needs to be healed quickly.

    G4-B3 Fabricator


    Proximity Mines: These droids (~15-20k HP) will be spawned by the boss at around 3 stacks of his shield. They need to be killed by ranged DPS, or they will more or less prevent any movement, as they are literally everywhere. HOWEVER! If you keep 1 of the mines alive, preferably in a corner, the boss will not spawn new waves of mines, making the fight easier.

    Stun Droids: These suckers will spawn near the boss (~50-60k HP), and stun the closest raid member. They will spawn around the same time as the proximity mines, and should be killed by the melee DPS in your group. However, if ranged DPS finish their mines quickly, they should also help out with the slaying of the stun droids.

    Explosive Shot (NOT REAL ABILITY NAME): A random raid member will get a debuff for 3 seconds, and will after those seconds explode, doing damage and knocking back all players near them. If you get this, move away from your raid members.

    Sunder Armor (NOT REAL ABILITY NAME): This debuff will be stacked on the tank, reducing armor by 16% for each stack, up to a maximum of 10 stacks for 160% armor reduction. This can either be outhealed, or you can simply swap tanks at ~5-6 stacks. This is very dependant on the tank's / healers' gear. We managed to kill him with 1 tank, but fight is easier with 2.

    Recommended setup: 2 Tanks, 2 Healers, 4 DPS. Doable with 1 T / 2 H / 5 DPS though.

    This boss is the trickiest in normal modes, mostly because of all the stuff going on. When you enter his room, you'll be faced with 3 stations with 3, 4, 3 screens each. This is the BioWare's favourite puzzle, the [url=http://www.chessandpoker.com/tower-of-hanoi.html]Tower of Hanoi[/url]. You will need 3 ranged DPS, one on each console to perform the puzzle. I will not go into the tactics needed to solve it, but the mechanics in the game are as such: If the big screen on top of middle pillar is empty (in the future called the "unassigned box"), and someone click a console, their top-most piece will go into the "unassigned box". The next person to click their console will then move the piece from the "unassigned box" to their tower, if their pieces allow it (See link to understand how the game itself works).

    Now, the main reason you have to do this puzzle: Once you have successfully moved the tower to a new position, you can fire a laser at the boss, which will remove his shield, and increase damage taken. This is the only way to lower the boss' shield, and thus enabling your operation to DPS him. However, keep in mind that the tank CAN NOT stand under the laser. He'll be oneshot if he stands on the black conveyer belt. Which means – don’t stand on the black conveyer belt!

    The boss itself, on the other hand, is fairly standard. He starts out with 10 stacks of his shield, which makes your attacks do no damage to him. You will want to engage the fight by firing the laser, then letting tank charge in while you DPS him. At 3 stacks of the shield, the puzzle solvers (The 3 ranged DPS assigned for this job) should move back to their consoles and solve the puzzle by moving the tower to another position, while the tank moves the boss under the designated laser. I recommend moving it from Right -> Middle -> Right -> Middle, and so on. This to set up a very easy chain of moves to follow, to ensure the puzzle is easily handled.

    DIFFERENCE ON HARD MODE: Only the right puzzle gives a damage increase on him. The middle puzzle only removes all stacks of his armor. Thus, you should use the middle DPS him until 1 stack, then move him to right to get damage increase. You will also need 2 tanks for a real tank rotation. The main tank will take too much damage if you don’t.

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    Karagga the Unyielding

    Firey Farts: Karagga will fart at times, doing a flame area of effect right behind him in melee range. Make sure melee stand at the sides, and ranged stand far back.

    Pools of Fire: Karagga will periodically spawn pools of fire below the tank. These do not go away until the boss dies, and as such they have to be placed around the room. More on dealing with this later.

    Mouse Droids: The boss spawns a number of mouse droids below him, which will explode on contact. Aoe stun and dps them down from range.

    Drills: The boss will start channelling a tunnelling drill spell, which will drill random raid members for 6k damage and interrupt casting.

    Gravity Zone: Karagga will target a random raid member with gravity zone, immobilizing them and pulling 4 random raid members to the zone. The other raid members will take damage if they stay in close proximity, and should move away. The zone’s target will after the expiration of the debuff take 4k dmg.

    The last boss of the instance is among the easiest. After you press the door to Karagga’s Chambers, and after you’ve watched the cinematic, you’ll be spawned into the boss’ room, and will be able to pull the boss. You should start him near the door, and then move him gradually along the room, placing fire traps around the edges.

    His abilities are easily dealt with. Pools of Fire you avoid by moving around the edges. Firey Farts should not hit anyone, since melee should stand at sides, and ranged far back. Drills can not be avoided, and should thus be outhealed.

    Gravity zone is also easily delt with. If you get pulled, move away. Heal whoever’s immobilized, and you are set.

    This is all there is to the fight. Avoid as much damage as you can, and the boss will go down.

    DIFFERENCE ON HARD MODE: Tight enrage timer. You’ll need the entire raid alive for most of the fight to beat the timer.


    Questions, comments and fanboy mails are encouraged. Hope you'll enjoy Karagga's Palace!

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    Updated and post reserved!
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    Just a note, on bonecrusher, the adds at 50% if you have a push ability, you can shove them into the acid, they hand around a bit, then evade and despawn, so if you can get them in there you done need to worry about CCing them
    Ive seen it done once, and also i did it myself today (both in hm, so should work in norm) and both times there were no side effects.
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