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    Old 12-15-2011, 05:18 PM
    Noise331 Noise331 is offline
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    Default Village population

    Does anyone still remember me?

    Hows the village going? it was still under construction last time i came on.

    Been thinking about coming bk for a bit
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    Old 12-15-2011, 05:39 PM
    M_the_C M_the_C is offline
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    Hi Noise.

    A fair bit has changed since you were last on, although most of the faces are the same. The new Epic servers have arrived and pretty much everyone ended up moving over. The old village is still there though. We're still working on the new deed there but am planning to do some kind of briefing for those who don't know what Epic is about once things are more settled.

    Basic overview:

    New set of skills
    The same skills, but your account gains an extra set which all start at 0 again. If you travel back to Freedom you use your old set of skills. Free to travel between with only 1 hour cool-down.
    2x Skillgain and "The Curve"
    Basically you make more progress in the lower numbers, effectively reaching 90 skill when you actually have 75 (and 70 when you have 50) which means you can do more at lower levels. (Some abilities don't follow the curve.)
    We're on the MR home server so raiders have to travel from one of the other servers to attack us and we have to travel to attack them. (Not that we've done it yet.)
    Free to play allowed on the Home servers
    Limited to 20 skill like on the freedom servers, but allows people to get a taste before buying premium time.
    Scenarios and Missions
    The missions haven't been very exciting so far (get 100 x, chop y trees), however the scenario results have been. New creatures attacking us (since our side didn't win...) and a huge trench devastated the land, but gave us tasty ores.
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