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Default Unfairly banned? I think so. (constructive)

So, last night I was banned after just a day of play. Let me explain what happened, and I will gladly take all views into consideration.

I do not see how alerting server staff to the fact that I have had previous bad experience of "power hungry" mods relates AT ALL to the staff on the current server.

Sure, some of the staff were playing around with me, perhaps even trolling by TP'ing, smiting etc. I did ask them to stop, and I did say that those kind of things could affect a servers reputation, if not kill it.- If this is untrue, I urge you to show evidence to say otherwise.

At no point did I imply that the guys on your server were power hungry, or anything negative. You have taken it upon yourselves (you know who you are) to make such rediculous implications when you did not even read a word I typed..if you did, you would have seen my above point, which was apparantly 'missing'.

The simple fact of the matter is, I dont appreciate getting messed around, and im sure nobody else does, either. Nothing wrong with that I thought.

How does this 'make me a dick'; and by result,earn a ban?

After much looking around for a great server, I honestly thought I had found one.
Today has given me second thoughts.

Maybe its just a misunderstanding...who knows. Would just be appreciated if the oppertunity to actually discuss something first arose, rather than being hit with the banhammer.

Its worth pointing out that before this, the server was great. Thought everyone was helpful, friendly and talkative. What changed in those few hours?
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