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Default 26/3 Report


Cen (on his tank, at least think it was him lol)

Dari on his pally
Deni on priest


first things to the epicers and Akee for stepping in fill out the group and again to Dari for doing tacs.

we started off on magmaw we had one wipe probably not helped by magmaw chucking his head the wrong way when chained, on the second try I managed to keep control of the parasites a bit better while the rest of the team worked seemingly flawlessly at killing magmaw.

after this due to being heavy on melee we went to BoT to kill halfus we had a few wipes due to raid damage after this we worked out a order that worked best for the healers and raid and got him down quite easily. (interrupts do seem to need a bit work)

after this due to being mostly melee we went for a poke at the conclave of wind, we did seem to make good progress on getting the adds down and organisation, but due to the lag problems the majority of people where having we decided to call it near the end of the raid. at this point we went back to BoT to kill the trash between halfus and the twin drakes to see if we could get a trash epic, we got lucky and got the Agi trinket for Eviee.

loot's went to Dari, AKee, Eviee and someone I have now forgot as I didn't write it down (must remember to take notes in future lol)

all in all it was a quite productive raid we got quite a few people their first kill of magmaw and also gave people a chance to see the conclave of wind fight, if we can get a better melee to ranged ratio next week we will be trying omnitron. (as well as killing magmaw and halfus as long as the drake combo isn't insane, as we seem to have those fights down)

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