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Eve uni is one of the best corps around for new players, but wars can be tiring. The trouble is, everyone who declares war on the uni does so with the sole intention of hunting down lone newbies out mining or whatever, and blowing them up before they've even had time to ask why that guy in their overview is flashy red. Unfortunately, past experience has shown that this tends to be pretty successful, unless the uni bans all missioning/mining/etc during wartime - which means fighting, or sitting in a station doing nothing for the duration.

On the plus side, however, it is a great opportunity to get some experience with large scale fleet warfare, since anyone can form up a fleet and take it out hunting. Admittedly, the uni so massively outnumbers their opponents, that actual fights are something of a rarity (they usually just run and hide), it is useful training for how most alliances manage their fleets - and great for learning how to command them. One of my best memories of the game is when I'd been playing for about a month, and I was commanding a 70-man fleet - we managed to trap, and subsequently destroy, an enemy Armageddon.

The uni is also excellent for everything outside PVP - good enough that even if you hate the wars, peacetime more than makes up for it (at least for new players - when you get the hang of the game, it becomes less useful).

Anyway, a PCG corp sounds like an excellent idea. Let me know if you want any help getting it set up. My main is currently in the RPS corp out in 0.0, but I have an alt I play quite a lot which I'd love to join with.
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