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Originally Posted by greenbeermonkey View Post
Does EVE have a monthly sub payable? I may look to pick this up from Steam if it's available as an alternative.
Yeah, monthly sub. It was has the fantstic idea of "PLEX". It's gametime you can buy with in-game money. You can also optionally buy one with real life money, and sell it on the market to other players. So people with lots of money and no time can pay their monthly sub like usually, and optionally buy some PLEX from ccp, and sell it to the people who do nothing but Eve all day. It gets them lots of ingame currency at the current going rate (which is very stable and high, 250m last time I played?). Or if you're a uni student or something you can just mine 24/7 to earn enough cash to pay for your month for FREEEE. No need for a monthly sub if you can keep it up.

I think it's a great idea I never used it myself though.

Originally Posted by Bimble View Post
Top Tip: Skills are trained in real time even when you are offline and there are skills to increase the speed of training so those are a priority at first. Below is the most efficient order of training these skills. This is from 2 years ago but I'm pretty sure they have not changed this mechanic, I do know they increased training speed up to 1.6 million skill points to kick start new joiners. They also have a skill queue up to 24 hours so you know don't have to be online to start a new skill.
Don't take this guys word for it; do it your self! Get a copy of [url=]evemon[/url], pick a skill or a ship you like the look of and have EveMon auto-plot you a skill queue that's the most efficient. You can jiggle it around as well to suit your current needs. It's usually a good idea to do the 'learning' skills asap (evemon will plot them for you really), as they improve the speed at which you learn.
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