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xposted from the UK forum:


Apologies for not noting this sooner: I've been in and out of the country so often that I've not even played Minecraft since the last year.

A quick breakdown of the problem - we can't actually get at our server. We have a bank of Multiplay servers, each running different games. To do the things I (apparently) need to do to the Minecraft server, I need to be able to stop, restart, and start it. At the moment, I can't even do that.

I've put this issue to Multiplay a few times now. The latest I received back was that they'd need to push the server to a new IP, but hoped to be able to save the files. This hasn't yet come to fruition - our server is still showing 1.1 and is completely borked. In my last contact with Multiplay, they said they needed to move our profile to an SSD, and they'd be supporting Bukkit when plugins worked properly.

I've been able to intermittently try various things to get this issue resolved, but my time is so severely limited at the moment that - as you've seen - I've not been able to sort it out properly. My server-running knowledge is also very minimal: so waawaamp, my silence in the face of your request for maps was born entirely out of not knowing how I'd get them to you, then subsequent other concerns that had to yank my attention away.

BUT! I've now asked Ed in the office to look into fixing the problem. It might necessitate a change of IP - if so, we'll announce it here as soon as possible. He'll be kicking about the forum shortly to try and sort things out.

Apologies again for the delay, guys.
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