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Originally Posted by Squig View Post
I for one would definitely LOVE a PCG US guild, specially since i'm restarting my WoW love all over again thanks to the upcoming Cataclysm. Maybe we could start taking small steps to form one?
Originally Posted by Nyhcjedi View Post
well id be down. I am relatively new to wow myself. Looks like it may be tough to find other us based players on here......
This is probably the best thing you could do, really, and post in the main games forum to gauge interest, then see if you can approach one of the US staff in a PM and ask if they play and if they'd like to help promote the US guild?

Good luck with it guys, we could use the comradeship!
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Originally Posted by Bashiok
And when you see them you'll be all like :O and we'll be all like and then people on the forums will still be all like(╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻(Link)
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