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Well really, me, and most people i know had it as baptisim by fire, and just stuck with, if your saying we can only do rated BGs once theres been enough PvP events to gear and get people experiance, we are looking at this the complete wrong way.
You may be right. If yourself and others turn up for a PvP event and we have enoguh to make a team for a rated BG I have no problem with getting stuck in. Just keep in mind not all players are like you and are ever going to be as good at PvP as you. Some need encouragement to get started.

Id also be happy to organise some Rated BG's. Im sure there will be some people out there willing to heal with me and once healers are sorted and geared it 'should' get easier.
My PvP is limited to having done it alot with a ret pally, being enthusiastic but of mediocre skill and knowledge. Your offering to help get a dedicated team of PvP healers together would be a massive boost.

Your apologies are also appreciated but at least you have triggered a substantial PvP discussion in these forums the like of which I haven't seen for a long time.