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Yeah, I enjoy PvP quite a bit too, and it's a lot more fun with a guild group, but it is very intimidating starting out. I wanted to do more in Wrath, but, unlike with raid gearing, especially towards the end of the expansion cycle, it felt like you'd always be at a disadvantage and there was little point - every time I tried PvP, I'd fail laughably. I'm only really doing it more now because I'm in on the ground floor, so to speak.

People do progress from soloing and questing to raiding quite easily - while it's different, and difficult, it seems more like a logical progression. PvP is a different game altogether, and you're not likely to make to transition easily unless you've already done similar competitive online games. The atmosphere is frequently hostile and contemptuous, and unlike a raid, you can't leave and join another guild if you don't like the people you're playing with. If you want to get into pvp, you're pretty much stuck with bastards screaming at you from the moment you step into a bg or Tol Barad. And those are the people on your OWN side. Expecting people who aren't used to that sort of environment to simply grin and bear it in, on top of getting creamed by opponents while they gear up, isn't realistic and won't lead to a high retention rate. That's why the addition of wargames is so great, and why Cambrinus is exactly right in what he says. People who are willing to go through a baptism of fire and come out the other end enthusiastic pvpers are very much in the minority.

While Camb has put events up before, I generally haven't been able to attend cos I do my shopping on Saturday mornings/afternoons. But the wargame nights are great fun, I'm eager to get involved, and get other new people involved, and at the beginning of an expansion is the best time to do it.