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Originally Posted by Belimawr View Post
see this where peoples understanding of licensing falls down, Bioware is using a IP created by Lucas, so in order to use it they need a licence issued by Lucas, due to this everything they do must be passed by Lucas due to them needing to keep within the limits of the IP.

so while Bioware could refuse to let Lucas make a change, it would lead to one of two possible outcomes, either the licence would be revoked forcing bioware to close down the game and forcing them to stop selling it, the second option is Lucas just makes Biowares life hell until Bioware implements the change Lucas wants as Lucas has to sign off on all patches and content changes before Bioware can implement anything.

so yes Bioware could save face and refuse a change forced in by Lucas but it would most likely cost them the licence and cause the game to die on the spot. the simple way to put it as long as a game firm is using a licence from another firm the firm handing out the licence holds all the power over what happens. this is why nearly every movie based game is terrible.
Thanks for the education.
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