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Originally Posted by Darieth View Post
I disagree; I would never take anyone on a raid who didn't have an up-to-date boss mod and threat meter, at least. l.
Well, i raided without main addons (including a boos mod) for a while, and you took me to them for a good few months.

Thought id say that, you dont NEED them, as much as you seem to say, but they are very very helpful, and i am not saying they are useless, dont get my wording wrong, but you arnt completely useless without a full set.

Saying that, healers do need them more, as it makes healing a ton easier with healbot, vuhdo, or similar. but again, nothing in wow is not possible without addons.

Oh and a 3rd point, now in cataclysm raiding is just a fraction harder (I made a joke, see what i did there?) it would take a fool not to make an effort to get them, unless your using a bad computer like i was and couldnt handle addons

ohhhh and see your reason for using chatter, you dont need chatter to do that (I use the same addon, just so i can tell the time people say things) you can change the chat option etc without it.

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