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Originally Posted by Belimawr View Post
green the shots are easy, you want your serpent sting and hunters make up as a priority, then it's just black arrow and explosive shot as they come off cool down using cobra shot to fill the gaps then arcane to burn off focus if you cap (keeping enough for if black arrow/ explosive shot comes off cooldown) as with the survival mastery arcane shot can hit quite hard. also by using cobra shot as your filler between shot cool downs it keeps serpent sting up and regens your focus.
Granted shots are easy - All I've requested from our more prolific hunter players to give advice (thank you all!)

I can't/shouldn't comment on Wolv as i havent hit him hard since the expansion came out with the focus changes so whatever i could have suggested could be moot.

In any event the thread is growing and providing feedback which is more important for Rolleo and other budding hunters that join our ranks.

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