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Shot prioritisation!
Start off with SrS -> BA -> ES -> CoS
You should be getting 3 Cobra Shots between every Explosive Shot with sufficient haste. Black Arrow is fired when it comes off cooldown. Serpent Sting is being kept up by Cobra Shot of course. If you get a Lock and Load proc, interlace Cobra Shot with Explosive Shot, do NOT fire one after the other, you replace the DoTs and lose damage. If you find yourself on too much focus after a Lock and Load, fire off a quick Arcane Shot AFTER the proc has gone. That is the ONLY time you should be using Arcane Shot.
Always be in Aspect of the Hawk, unless you're going to move for more than 15s (such as Argaloth's Fel Firestorm phase), in which case switch into Aspect of the Fox. I don't know if they fixed the requirement to stutter-run, I still need to do some more experiments on it.
Always remember, hunters > all
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