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Unhappy Returing to WOW after 2Yr break

Iíve been reading PC Gamer for about a year and that got me in to EVE. More recently articles on Catacysim in the last two issues have managed to break my over 2 year abstinence from WOW when last weekend I reactivated my old account. Even my girlfriend has installed a trial account, but (so far) she is holding off reactivating her real WOW account.

I created a Horde mage character on Steamweedle Cartel as I thought it might be nice to join the PCGamer guild. I havenít ever played Mage above 30s and thought it might be fun. Unfortunately a few things are putting me off:

I choose a very non role playing type name for my character. Having never played on an RP server before, am I likely to get forced to change this at some point? Everyone else I saw had fantasy type names, although I didnít have a big sample to look at.
I played through most of Sunday and only saw 3 other players (whilst outside a city).
I went to the AH and found there was very little stuff for sale. Many items only appeared once at very high prices.

On top of this my dream of levelling up a frost mage and AE farming my way to riches and high level went out the window when I discovered the Blizzard spell has been moved to Lv52...

I am currently torn between continuing to level up a new character on SWC (possibly not a mage anymore) or go back to my old server

Have I just caught it on a bad day or is this server very low population with a bad economy?

My old sources of info dont serve me as well anymore either: Thottbot seems to now have a lot missing and keeps referencing content on wowhead, but wowhead has things missing which are only on thotbott Ė WTH is going on thereÖ

Wow Vault doesnít even have a talent calculator anymore and all the race and class tables have gone.

Are there any one stop shops for WOW still? I used to get able to get along fine with just Thottbot and WOW Vault.
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