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Tim Edwards
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So I read this pretty closely, and I agree with some of what's said, but not all of it.

First of all: please don't judge how the guild is and is going to be for the next two years after six days of playing the expansion pack. There will be fun events, and there will be fun times ahead. We're working on what they will be, but I'm not going to commit to when they'll be until we have a plan in place. We'll talk more about it after the weekend.

Second: we've had purely social officers in the past, and they've drifted away. It just doesn't work. They end up being a dogsbody - part gopher, part cruise ship entertainer. It's not a fun job, and it's not what anyone would want to spend the next six months of their spare time doing. What I would prefer is that we give anyone who wants to run something the support and access they need to make that happen, alongside the rest of the guild activities we do. And if they're really fun, we'll make them a regular thing.

Third: I'm aware that we have an apparent shortness of raid teams given the scale of the guild right now. That seems scary, particularly when you're 85, itching to raid, and are seeing world firsts of Cata bosses across the web.

Relax about it. If you want to start a raid team, and get moving on that, then get in contact, and we'll create a forum for you, carve a space in the calendar, and make sure you've got the support you need. Some of our raid teams are very focused and will be in dungeons soon. But that's 10-15 people in a guild of hundreds. The reality is that players in WoW proceed at different paces.

But: I need players who want to raid but don't fit into the current Epic, Win, Awesome and Super structure to contact me, so that we can figure out if we do need a new team.

Fourth: Please, when you're starting to realise that you're bored, don't focus your attention on what the guild is doing to entertain you, or try to work out what other players can do to entertain you. If you're bored, you're not having fun. Go and do something that is fun for you, instead. I see a lot of people online 24/7, and that's just not healthy. Please, for yourself, and those around you, take a break.