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Originally Posted by Darieth View Post
I'm the other Priest with both healing specs still, and will be tackling Arthas hc as disco tonight. But how do Blizz address the problem of designing encounters where disco priests can be very effective, whilst at the same time making it not essential to bring a disco priest along?
This is the root of the problem. Damage prevention is ultimately better than healing. If disc priests are able to spam massive shields on everyone, then encounters are rendered too easy.

I suppose careful balancing is the best solution, although I imagine this is a total nightmare for the designers.

The designer's lives would probably have been easier if they never bothered with disc priests in the first place. However, as paladins are now getting more damage mitigation abilities in Cata, I don't see the problem going away any time soon.

Disc priests have a clear advantage in many situations. If AoE healing continues to be nerfed we may see the disc niche may become more useful once again.
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