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Originally Posted by Mindtaker View Post
I've been thinking about getting into LoTRO ever since it went FTP. Waiting to get a new HDD. I'll look you up when I get in there though, for sure.
while you are waiting...if you have the space on another hdd...i would go and d/l the client from Fileplanet.

do not get the installer versions...those are small..and will take longer to d/l and patch you to the games present state.

there is a 10g client you can d/l in one lump and once installed you will only have ~2g to patch up.

total client as of last update was ~12.5g

the fileplanet f2p client can be found [URL=""]>>>HERE<<<[/URL]

just a FYI...the ones you can get from are just the of right now the only place i know of to get the client in one lump is at Fileplanet.

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