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Originally Posted by Krieg View Post
As a holder of a Lifetime sub on the euro (codemasters) servers, I can tell you it isn't looking good.

[URL=""]the official free to play forums[/URL] are swamped with threads of upset people waiting for f2p to launch.

ya also a few folks on the turbine forums asking about it.

but they cant legally say anything it seems...its all on CM's head

my gut felling is that CM is dragging its feet for some reason....

but hey...if ya dont have any time invested in toons on the EU server...or heck even if you do....

there is plenty of room on the NA ive said..we have alot of EU players especially now that we got this f2p/p2p hybrid going.

ya know....too bad we couldnt get PCG to have The Spy mosey over to CM's UK offices and find out a lil something something

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