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Question Old PC Gamer Demos


New here so didn't know where to post this.

Could someone help me out? I am looking for a particular game that I played as a demo from a PC Gamer disk years ago (possibly in 1999 or 2000) I don't remember much but I think it was on a CD that had mechwarrior 2 demo on it as well. The game I remember had:

a snowy landscape that was I think hilly with things that looked like large crystals dotted about. You drove a vehicale of some sort and drove into "portals" that looked like star gates in stargate SG1 or something. I remember a part to do with scientists and you had to pick them up in your vehicale or something, but I don't remember more than this.

Also could someone tell me what game demos came on the CD with september 2000 PC Gamer? That might help shed light on what this game was not sure, but there is a few old games I am looking for that I played as demos on PC Gamer CDs

Any help would be appreciated
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