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Default Team Donkey Report, 3rd October

I only found out Darieth couldn't make this about 15 minutes before the raid started, so I was a bit unprepared - thanks to Klog for helping out and everyone else for putting up with the lack of proper organisation!

Not sure how Darinub wanted to run things, but as it was listed as a raid-wing raid, I gave prio to raid wing members and had the rest /roll.

Got FL+4 towers down on second try, got Iron Dwarf Medium Rare for everyone - what with the slow start these two took over an hour. 1-shot the ignis speed kill, and XT hard mdoe.
I was suffering from my normal sunday night performance issues - if it continues I just wont be raiding on sunday again, it's sooo frustrating :~(

After XT we went to Iron Council but we got squished a few times in phase 3 - either tank deaths or too much raid damage leading to one or two folks dying and healing the boss - I wasn't able to contribute much here so rather than wasting too much time switched to Kologarn for Disrarmed, and then Freya for Crazy Cat Lady.

I'l try and dig out a list of everyone who was on the raid, and those who didn't get on.
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