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Default ArmA 2

PC Gamer has an incredible, 60-slot ArmA 2 server. A lovely community of non-intimidating, laid-back regulars make it up. We love co-op.

The best pitch and promise of fun we can make to you is held in these videos—documented evidence of our co-op camaraderie and military antics.

-[URL=""]Eject to save Evan![/URL]
-[URL=""]It was a Klingon![/URL]
-[URL=""]What's with Frost always dying?[/URL]

[URL=""]Here's[/URL] a web album of screen captures from our time playing, too.

Our ArmA 2 server (known as "The War Walrus") can be found in the ArmA 2 server browser by searching "PC Gamer" after clicking on the "Filter" button. The server is located in Chicago, IL, and we've had players connect from the UK for months without major complaints. Alternatively, the IP is:

We'd kindly ask you to join our Ventrilo server whilest playing, too.

Ventrilo IP:
Port: 3796
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