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Originally Posted by Klogaroth View Post
it's better to be safe than suddenly find that Chewwie has approved all his cronies and we have 25 hunters in a raid.
^^ This is why it's done on the forum.

I do take your point Uru and can see that it may not be to everyone's taste. We can't please eveyone, it's just not possible. It's good to have feedback about the process - if we're doing it wrong we'll change it, I'm sure. Perhaps we could make it more personal. In truth being called out is never nice. Believe me, it's not nice doing it. If everyone who applied had ironed out all of the creases before they applied, there would be no criticism. But that's just not the case. Therein lies the reason we decided to start the Raid Wing.

Criticism CAN be avoided by doing some research and/or asking in a PM (or in game) first. This is how lots of raiding guilds deal with their raiding applications. That said, everyone who applies is ALREADY in our guild. That's a massive advantage in applying. You can sound us (esp me) out before making the application. That will perhaps give us a chance to get rid of any 'clangers' prior to applying. The process is designed to make sure that we take 25 optimally geared characters to every progression raid. The rest is upto the individual. We could try doing that in a closed system but it would not in my opinion work. It would also take too long to complete.


PS. I have cronies?
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