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Game 4


Another ZvZ. After my first game I thought I'd be ok here. I saw he was going for a fairly early (9 supply) pool and so started to prepare accordingly. However, I was so focused on my own build order that I completely missed the spine crawler that he put down RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE! I was completely kicking myself after that particular escapade as I would've been way ahead had I actually been paying attention!

Final Game


Another Protoss opponent. He pushes my fast expansion with zealots fairly early. I figure I can take it so let the expansion go up without cancelling. It's fairly close though and there's a definite "doh!" moment shortly after I hold off the first push.

Hopefully these should be mildly entertaining. I'll post some more when I get round to playing some more.

I also have some 2v2 league match replays which I played with my brother. Let me know if you'd like to see any of those and I'll try to find some good ones.
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