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Originally Posted by Rope View Post
I think at your skill level all the advice that should be given is in relation to your macro mechanics., so simply put constatnly make scvs and always try to have your money as low as possible.
You know what messed me up on that game? It was my first beginner league game in a while, and Ive been playing customs with Congo and another chap I met (he likes 2v2s, alot), and after getting slightly used to the "faster" game speed, playing back on "normal" messed up my internal clock. Really messed it up.

Dont get me wrong, not an excuse for the rather pathetic loss, just the main reason I was so slow to build up, the whole bloody thing felt like a crawl tbh, till he hit me with those bloody medivacs of course.

I also think that's matchmaking is a bit lopsided too, Ive went from playing people with no clue (a zerg player who built nothing but structures for example), to guys like ZenMaster, who looks like an utter pro with his minerals. I can assume this as sheer luck, but I think its because I was on a 5 win streak it.

Oh yeah, GO ROPE!!!

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