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Default t3 cross training

Cross training question.

Right, assuming a massive tax bill doesn’t land on my doorstep today I’ll be re-subbing this weekend. I was in the process of training for a Proteus, for solo WH and low-sec/null exploration (running plexe’s, anomalies etc).
I keep hearing that the Tengu is the better option for PvE. Repeatedly. A lot. So a few questions- and I’m assuming a few of the older players may have info on this;
-Is the slight reduction in the proteus pve effectiveness offset by its capacity to double as a pvp boat (i.e. if you get pirated you have better than even chances of getting out/killing them- assuming no blob obv).
-Is the Tengu really superior to the proteus for pve- specifically anomalies and upto C3’s?
-How much of a hassle is it for a gallente focused pilot (only average missile skills) to cross train for a tengu and is it worth the effort?
-What DO I need to train to be able to fly it? i.e. do I need to go and get all the (amarr??) frigate skills up to five and THEN train all the subsystem skills, or is there like a ‘cross training’ skill I need?


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