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Lots of raids yesterday. Only problem was that people got screwed by the 'You have entered too many instances' nonsense that should have been taken out of the game a long time ago. When doing these things in the future we need to be very careful that people do not enter instances until we are sure that the raid is set up correctly.

We started with Gruul and Magtheridon in Outland, neither of which caused us any problems. Some of us then went off to win Wintergrasp for the glory of the Horde whilst others cleared the trash and first boss in Icecrown. Everyone regrouped at Vault of Archavon. We didn't get any mounts but we did manage the slightly annoying 25-man 'Earth Wind and Fire' achievement. Next stop was Ruby Sanctum but by this point one person had hit the instance limit so we killed all but the last boss and then flew off to kill Onyxia.

Even more people had trouble getting into that instance and one person had killed it already so we reformed as a 10 man raid and killed her quickly to find no mount. Everyone then returned to Ruby Sanctum and we managed to get in to kill Halion. Several people died due to the dodgy mechanics but lots of people got the 25 man heroic Ruby Sanctum achievement along with some underwhelming loot. We quickly popped next door to 25 man Obsidium Sanctum to kill Sartharion and get a twilight drake for Olgit.

Several people left after that but the dedicated few proceeded to Sunwell Plateau where we slaughtered a bunch of felblood elves to save Azeroth from Kil'Jaeden the Deceiver and get the legendary bow for Littlesky. A handful of remaining raiders headed towards Blackwing Lair, but of course some weren't attuned so we had to do UBRS first, including a quick Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy! achievement. Finally we smashed through Blackwing Lair, avoided any deaths on the second boss, got a Drakonid pet for Gluggie and killed Nefarian in the face. We removed his head and can only assume that it will be safely destroyed so that it cannot be stolen by Twilight Hammer and used to reanimate him.

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