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Default Corp Rewards for awesomness

I propose that the more experienced of us (i.e. those with some iskies) use this to help motivate the riff-and raff that we'll be recruiting into playing actively [/condesention].

Although i'm not currently subbed, i'm thinking of subbing for a month to keep my tech 3 training on track (as although i'm busy with other comitments, i WILL be back... lol).

So, when i do log back on i propose to gift the corp a partially t2 pvp fitted (tackle, drone and nos) Assault frigate (ishkur/ishtar- whichever's the AF, always get those two confused).

I then propse that we use this as a reward for some in-game heroics.

I.e., person to mine the most in one month, or person to salvage the most or person to give most tax to corp in one month etc etc. You guys can vote on which you think's best. We'd obviously keep this to the lesser-skilled for now (though we could have seperate ones for higher ups), but i think it'll give the corp the 'hook' it needs for more members; fun atmosphere, pie, hookers and monthly prizes.

Whatcha think?

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