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Default Factorio - Factory building game

What is Factorio?

Factorio ([url][/url]) is a 2d creative game about building and maintaining a factory.

What do I do in the game?

You will be in charge of a character that is building a factory from scratch. You will be mining resources, automating production, managing energy sources, designing the flow of items in your factory, researching technologies and defending from hostile creatures.

What is the game inspired by?

We drew a lot of inspiration from Transport Tycoon-like games, Civilization and Minecraft.

Why should I care?

This game is made by geeks for geeks. The core of the game is building things. You can create huge almost self sufficient factories. There are machines crafting other machines. All the stuff is travelling on transport belts. There are simple means of "programming" the robotic arms that move things around. You also have little logistic robots that transport things among designated containers. The ultimate goal of course is to have self replicating factories

When & where can I get it?

Public demo is available at [url][/url] (win, osx, ubuntu linux). Go and try it now.
The game is at the moment raising funds for further development. If it succeeds the alpha will be released in March 2013.

I want to know more

You can get more information on the webpage linked above. There is a trailer, screenshots, plot, etc.

This is how the game looks like at the moment:

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