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on raid:
steelhide, bullshifter, gluggie, thorilin, barkhoof, wyrmy, psyke, jecaa, ayumis, bimble

Went straight to garalon - he smacked us pretty hard for over 2 hours

Made a few mistakes here - i tried to push our dps numbers up before we were fully comfortable with the fight, sorry about that. It's something I'm usually good at avoiding, and i'll try not to do it again!

We're going with 3 healers - 2 of which are on pheremone kiting duty, along with 2 ranged dps.
1 healer and the other dps on the boss.

Until we start hitting the enrage I think we'll stick with 2 real tanks soaking the swipe - I know plate dps and rogues can do it, but it's easier to learn if we take less damage.
Sorry tanks - will probably be a bit boring for you

Things i'm not sure about:
boss positioning - he's a bit more central than i'd like, but not sure how we can move him closer to the edges. Also any closer and the legs start to be inside the pheremone pools.

Raid positioning - specifically the pheremone kiters when they're not kiting - not sure if we should have an assigned spot for them, or if it's go where you like - am worried about healer range issues, but we might get better at this naturally with some more practice.

Am hoping this fight will be a bit easier with a Disc priest - hopefully we'll have dooks on thursday to give it a go!

Plan for thursday is stone dogs, then HoF - cya then
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