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Default wanting to help out.

Hello before I start I just wan to say can you please give me the ip so i can join the server ?

TimeZone:i live in the netherlands.
How long have you been playing Minecraft: since 4 years
Skype Name:thebeast85ls
Email:i will pm you
Personality (just sum you up in a few words):I love playing minecraft i'am a owner of my server myself so I would loved helping out another person like me its just my server is temp. down i can give you the ip for proof.
Reason for wanting to help:Like I said i would love helping out soemone that has the same issue as me which is sarting up a server if you want you may take a peek at my server to see what i build alone and with friends.
Experience(detailed): I play mincraft every day and in my spare time i build.
Currently admin on any other ACTIVE servers
Current owner of any active servers / past servers:mine i will pm you the ip im owner. and i know how to run plugins on it.
Current Owner - What is the I.P:i will pm you the ip.
Past Owner - Why did you stop running the server:
Past Owner - How long did you run the server:
Owner - What plugin/mod service did you use:i use pretty much ecery essentials plugin slo worldedit, groupmanager portals and others that i cant remember.
How many days of the week are you active: well now that ive got my xmas present i aint so active but if its to help any1 out i will be more active i use to be playin at least 4 hours a day.
How many HOURS of those days are you willing to dedicate to our server:well all my times with my mate if possible
What's the coolest build you've ever done: ill show you on my server i have many redstone creations and other interesting build. like castles
What's the biggest mega build you've ever done: look at the answer above
Are there youtube videos of these builds:no only one vid i made of MY BUILD in singleplayer
What is your internet connection like:very good.

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