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Originally Posted by Ctrlphr34k View Post
So, people, the christmas build contests are coming along nicely; I figure it's about time to organise the pvp & art contests; therefore, there will be three contests starting this weekend:

Art Contest #1

PvP Contest #1

Traditional, 20x20x14 build contest-over-4 or 5 days week... err... 5? 6? One of the two iirc.

Art and PVP will be one day events; the build contest will be the standard format (mats provided in build areas gradually over the course of a few days, etc etc).

All art contest entries will go up at /warp buildcontestgallery (which I'm hoping to beautify over the christmas break). The first place winner will also gain a lovely ingame set of art supplies Depending on the number of entries, there may also be smaller sets for 2nd and 3rd place.

The Build contest 1st place winner will get the standard - build up at spawn, diamond pillar with your name on it in the build contest gallery section for that week.

The PvP contest winner will recieve the adoration of their fans seriously though, there will be an ingame prize of some sort for sure, I just haven't worked out the details quite yet

I'll update this post with dates and times - but assume sat afternoon/evening until further notice.
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