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I thought we made great progress, and made it in style as well! Nobody got their pantiehosens in a twist even tho we died a few times over silly things.

Not going to lie, the pace for healing on this fight is rediculous compared to all the others but by the end of the fight I feel I was right on the cusp of mastering it. If my mic had been working I think goff wouldnt have gone down those last couple times on the P3-P1 and we would have got to the last phase again. For me thats the hardest part as the tank is out of range if I move at all but I need to stay away from the adds. I think ill save my shield for that point next time. If me and Wyrmy could have spoken during the fight we would have had no problems I think. I'll get that fixed.

Deffo see no reason as to why that starry eyed mother can't be sleeping with the fishes by 10.35 next monday!!
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