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Default Hulk Fleet Construction Project - Status Thread


We're starting to build up a good sized mining fleet, we have Orca's to support and we'll soon have a Freighter to be able to take us to other systems. The next logical step is to increase the capabilities of the mining ships themselves.

I propose we build a fleet of Hulks, 10 currently, and then expanding by a further 5 in future if the attendance at our mining ops grows to more than the 10 - 15 we have now.

This will also have the added advantage of taking away the pain of the individual losing a ship in the event of ganking.

First a bit of background on the Hulk, for those new to the game. Prior to the last Inferno update to the game, the Hulk was king of the mining ships. It had the biggest cargo hold, and could harvest ore at the highest rate.

In the Inferno update, miners got a lot of love - each class of ship (Mining Barges and their Tech 2 versions known as Exhumers) had it's 3 ships clearly split into 3 distinct versions. A solo miner - a lower yield with a huge ore bay and poor defenses, a well defended miner, with a lower yield and moderate ore bay, and a fleet miner, with a high yield, a small ore bay and poor defenses. More info can be found here for those that are interested:


Our mining ops are currently staffed mainly by solo miners - Retrievers and Mackinaws, because these are Corp member's own private ships. Now that we have Orca support, we can increase the yield significantly by getting everyone into fleet miners, the Covetor and it's tech 2 equivalent the Hulk.

The Covetor is actually a component of the Hulk build, so the first step here is to create 10 Covetors. The materials list is as follows:

Isogen x 42,676
Megacyte x 341
Mexallon x 69,000
Nocxium x 4,596
Pyerite x 690,000
Tritanium x 2,300,000
Zydrine x 1150

Note those are the values with CoreBreach's efficiency skills.

One of the great things about Covetor construction is that you only need Industry Level 1 to get into it, so this is something that anyone in the Corp can have a go at.

When we move on to Hulk construction, the materials list is as follows:

Covetor x 1
Construction Blocks x 108
Crystalline Carbonide Armor Plate x 2,300
Fusion Reactor Unit x 35
Ion Thruster x 46
Magnetometric Sensor Cluster x 173
Morphite x 83
Oscillator Capacitor Unit x 460
Photon Microprocessor x 2300
Pulse Shield Emitter x 173
R.A.M - Starship Tect x 10

So clearly a little bit more involved, and there is a much higher level of skills required for the construction.

Let's use this thread as a repository to keep the comms going on the Hulk construction Project.

If you're interested in helping out, we have plenty of materials to start. We've also got into a nice rhythm of weekly mining ops to keep those materials topped up.
Please sign up to this thread and use it to keep everyone appraised of progress.

Given how many people wanted to help, but couldn't last time, please sign up here first, and we will contract out BPCs and jobs. Then we can ensure everyone gets a fair shout at manufacturing something. Please DO NOT just got help yourself to the mats and start the manufacturing.


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