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Originally Posted by jonsey_ponsey View Post
So if we said we have enough to create an orca every 2-3 weeks say with researched blueprints we would probably only need 1-2 manufacturing slots to do that.

There seems to be a lot of people wanting to help out with manufacturing things so would it be worthwhile the corp putting together some sort of shopping list of items they would be willing to buy/trade from corp members?

That way everyone who wanted to chip in and help in this way could. We could still create the orca's in the background with the mats from the mining op's to generate the funds to do this.

Items could be bought from corp members at jita less 5% or something to account for them not having to haul it and mess around trying to sell it and everyone gets to chip in.

You could have on the list a combination of smaller stuff like T1 fits for new starters through T2 fits and onto capitals for the people more skilled in production.

This way people would use they're own mats/blueprints (although we could also look at putting together some sort of blueprint library) and feel like they are contributing to the cause.

If we get to a point where people are making more things than we need then we can always sell the excess off and realise the 5% difference to Jita.

I realise Jita prices move around quite a bit so we would probably have to put a time limit and a price for everything on the shopping list and then update every month or so.


Thats rly cute but i already gave my stuff for free So go figure
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