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Default I go. I come back.

Hi everyone!

After 18 months away I decided to see if I can still remember how to play this game.

Had some luck last night with trinkets so I should be ready to contribute in some small way to any raids starting up next week (Nov 22 - maybe LFR on Wednesday too).

I see we already have two fairly well stocked raid teams but if either Win or Awesome can use a rusty rogue, would it help if I signed up as Tentative for both, and see if any spots are available on the night? I'm a former Team Winner and it would be lovely to raid with uncle Akee again but if Awesome needs melee I'm happy to help out where I can.

Final question - does anyone have any strong recommendations for where I should do my research on the MoP raids? Any particular YouTuber/guild with strategies we tend to follow?
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