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Default Raid Report 15/11/12

Tanks: Slim and Khaine
Helaers: Sid, Doom and Archaz
Melee: Tofe
Ranged: Zalid, Bel, Noheels, Littlesky and Aph

Not a bad start to the week, a few hiccups but nothing we couldn't deal with.

We took Littlesky along with us this week to see how he got on, he won lots of gear.

Stone guards and Feng were both a lovely one shot. The Stone Guards are dead easy when there is no cobolt about.

Spirit Binder was a right pain in the neck with Voodoo being cast as we are hitting the totems and healers not making it through. Such a nightmare but we killed him in the end.

Spirit Kings was a surprising one shot. We seem to have grasped the tactics now and we well ahead of the enrage timer (until a few of us died) leaving 6 people up to finish him off.

We called it early as Akee has been somehow sharing his plague around. That leaves us 2 nights to really work on Elegon.

Well done everyone and thanks to those who sat out so that Littlesky could come with us. Littlesky, your DPS is looking better and hopefully the pile of gear you won last night will help.

Read up again on Elegon ready for Sunday.
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