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Default Taking PCGE Industry to the next level

Ladies and Gents,

We've had a lot of success and engagement from the Corp in the last few weeks to bring it out of it's summer slumber and get some momentum built up in the form of Mining ops, RvB Ganked roams, new members, old members coming back etc.

We need to keep focusing on how we both keep our Corp members engaged with regular activities and how we find new exciting things for them to do.

I keep thinking about the mining ops and how we create a sense of achievement and a goal for the ore we mine. The Orca project has pulled the Corp together and thoughts of a second one and a Freighter seem to really motivate people. I'll post this idea, and then we can use this thread as a discussion point to draw in ideas and decide whether we want to take it forward.

Let's theorise that we have an Industry Wing. Not a division in the Corp, but an entity that manages industry. Specifically something that rewards and encourages players to carry out mining and construction in the name of the Corp.

Lets take the example, that for 1 million units of Tritanium deposited into the Corp Industry wing, you earn 100 PCGE Tokens.

Maybe the construction of a capital ship component earns you 10 tokens. Maybe recruiting a new player into the Corp earns you 500 tokens. And another 500 for every 6 months they stay.

Let's also theorise that the cost of say a Drake, is perhaps 500 tokens, and this puts the Drake order into the Industry wing, for the shipyard to begin work on.

Maybe an Orca is 5000 tokens, etc etc. Maybe getting a kill onto the Corp killboard earns you 100 tokens.

Initially this would probably manifest itself as an Excel spreadsheet (or other simple database), that would be visible through the forum, but could evolve into a PCGE Industry Website. Need to take some advice on how we would do that....

It would be interesting to see a developing mini ecosystem with people putting orders into the Corp for ships, a group building those ships with materials provided from a second group that are mining.

It would also be good to collect some stats such as who is the highest producer, biggest ore miner (maybe award something monthly) . Maybe even have Corp achievements.

So - thoughts? could we make this work? more importantly would anyone be interested? Right now the Corp is the customer for the Orca we're building, but it would be nice to track (and reward) who contributed what. I get the feeling it would be more satisfying to own a ship made by PCGE...


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