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Personal hat well and truly on here, not intentionally speaking for anyone or anything but myself.

I don't think anyone is implying that high end stuff isn't a good thing from time to time, but the implication that allowing more people to get into PC gaming is somehow a bad thing.

The PC Gamer Rig has never been about making the most top of the range PC with the newest components, but a rig that provides the best value for money with performance ratio possible. So not necessarily the cheapest stuff, but not necessarily the most expensive for the sake of it either. It's about making a good high-end rig within what's roughly considered a reasonable budget for most readers that will plough through the games that everyone's currently playing and will be playing in the immediate future.

I believe Adam's recent bemoaning was more about how the "happy medium" components that the rig deals with hasn't moved much at all and not the rig itself. It's all well and good speccing up a computer with the latest top of the range gear, but if only 1% of the readers could afford it, it's hardly going to be providing practical advice- which is the main point of the PC Gamer Rig. Lately the very top stuff hasn't particularly come down in price and the stuff releasing at the same price hasn't gotten any better than what's already in there. This relative stagnation he mentioned was exactly why this month he decided to show off what can be achieved from a small form factor case. He may indeed decide to do ultimate top of the range build at some point for the same reason. I'm fairly certain he's not bemoaning being disallowed to build rigs due to editorial pressures, it's because at the time of writing, any changes aren't significant or relevant enough to provide useful, practical advice.

Top of the range stuff still gets reviewed in the hardware tests - including high end rigs - and believe me when I say pretty much almost everything in the last three years appearing in the hardware section more than likely outperforms the consoles in at the very least one aspect, making accusations of appeasing to the consoles laughable. I don't think being positive about the possibility for lots of people to enjoy PC gaming in addition to celebrating top end PC hardware- are necessarily mutually exclusive from one another at all.
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