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Default Orca Construction Project - Status Thread


PCGE's next project after completing the Drake Army hulls is to construct one or more Orca's to come along and support the mining ops.

Let's use this thread as a repository (suppository?) to keep the comms going on the Orca construction Project.

To complete one Orca hull, we need the following components:[LIST][*]Capital Capacitor Battery x9[*]Capital Cargo Bay x37[*]Capital Computer System x7[*]Capital Construction Parts x15[*]Capital Corporate Hangar Bay x4[*]Capital Sensor Cluster x4[*]Capital Ship Maintenance Bay x7[/LIST]
Each of these are most cheaply bought as BPCs on the contracts market in Jita or Dodixie.

Each of these items also takes around 3 hours to manufacture per item, so there is a significant amount of time required in manufacturing the components.

Step 1 - We need BPCs for each of the above with sufficient runs remaining to cover these requirements.

Step 2 - We then need a single run Orca BPC to complete the final manufacture.

All this manufacturing can be done in High Sec, suggest Stacmon VII - Moon 1 - Impro factory due to having access to Corp hangars and plenty of free manufacturing slots.

To manufacture any of these components, you need the following skills:[LIST][*]Industry Level 5[*]Production Efficiency Level 5[*]Mechanics Level 5[*]Capital Ship Construction Level 1[/LIST]
Step 3 - As we progress further, we can also look at construction of modules for the fit. A typical fit would be:


If you're interested in helping out, we have plenty of materials to start. We've also got into a nice rhythm of weekly mining ops to keep those materials topped up.
Please sign up to this thread and use it to keep everyone appraised of progress.


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